How do I create a Progressive Web App?

Bas Alderding

Progressive Web Apps are taking over the Internet at a rapid pace. This is not very surprising, because a PWA has many advantages. From the outside it may seem more complicated than a website or a mobile app, but nothing is further from the truth. Here is an overview of how a PWA works. So you're well informed before you create a Progressive Web App.

The Software

The clever thing about a PWA is how it combines different existing code languages. It puts a Javascript Framework into a base of HTML code. The Javascript Framework makes it possible to design a One Page Application in an orderly fashion. It also has the possibility to link data to HTML. This makes it easy to enrich the application with a beautiful and responsive user experience.

The PWA is therefore a lightweight .JSON file that allows the application to be stored on the user's screen. It also features configurations for appearance and screen orientation. 

Here we explain in one minute what a JSON is.


What makes a Progressive Web App fast and accessible is its smart and efficient infrastructure. This is because PWAs use Service Workers. Basically, this is a kind of API. This API caches important parts of the Internet and connects with the application. This makes the application load faster and in many cases the software is also available offline.

So what makes a Progressive Web App progressive?

You must be wondering; what distinguishes a PWA from a regular web application? The advance of a PWA is that it is available to any user on any device. Simply by running different technologies together in the right way. And that's nice in a world where we are using more and more devices and consumers are becoming more accustomed to Omni channel communication.

Now you know how a Progressive Web App works. Developing it may be a little more complicated, so we're here to help. If you want to get started right away or need more information, you can reach us via this chat button.

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