AI powered winesommelier

In close collaboration with Kwast Wijnkopers, we developed an advanced chatbot to make in-depth knowledge about wines accessible to the catering industry.




Dec 15, 2023




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The Brief

In close collaboration with Kwast Wijnkopers, our mission was to revolutionize the way the catering industry approached wine selection. Recognizing the complexity and often intimidating nature of the wine world, we set out to develop an innovative solution. Our goal was to create an AI-powered winesommelier chatbot that would democratize access to in-depth wine knowledge, empowering businesses to make informed choices and enhancing the overall wine experience for their customers.

Understanding the Range:

Navigating through the myriad of wines can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the industry. Our AI-powered winesommelier simplifies this process by providing comprehensive information about each wine in the range. From the origin of the grapes to the flavor profiles, our chatbot equips catering professionals with the knowledge they need to confidently recommend wines to their customers. By breaking down complex information into digestible chunks, we make it easy for businesses to understand and showcase their wine offerings effectively.

Personalized Recommendations:

No two wine drinkers are alike, and our chatbot understands this implicitly. It goes beyond simply listing wines; it provides tailored advice on serving suggestions and wine choices based on individual preferences. By analyzing user data and preferences, the chatbot can suggest wines that align with the customer's taste profile, creating a personalized and memorable experience. Whether it's a full-bodied red for a steak dinner or a crisp white for a summer soirée, our AI-powered solution ensures that every recommendation hits the mark, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Promoting Education and Choice:

In an industry often shrouded in mystery, we believe that knowledge is key to fostering appreciation and enjoyment of wine. Our chatbot serves as an accessible source of information, promoting education and choice in wine selection. By empowering catering professionals with comprehensive knowledge, we enable them to engage with customers on a deeper level, sharing insights and recommendations with confidence. Whether it's a casual wine enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur, our AI-powered solution democratizes access to wine expertise, making it inclusive and approachable for all.

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