AI HR colleague with in- company documents

With an AI HR chatbot we can relieve the burden on STL's HR department by automatically answering standard questions.


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Apr 1, 2024


HR chatbot



The Brief

Experience the evolution of HR support with our cutting-edge innovation: the "AI HR Colleague with In-Company Documents." By implementing an AI HR chatbot, we've transformed the way STL's HR department operates, alleviating the burden of repetitive inquiries and standard questions. This AI-driven solution integrates existing HR documentation into an intuitive system, providing employees with fast and accurate answers to their queries directly through a chat interface on the company's intranet. With over 90% of HR issues now handled automatically, our AI HR colleague revolutionizes the employee experience, streamlining processes and fostering greater efficiency across the organization.

Revolutionizing HR Operations:

The introduction of the AI HR chatbot marks a paradigm shift in HR operations at STL, driving efficiency and enhancing employee experience. By importing existing HR documentation and integrating it into an AI system, the chatbot provides employees with immediate access to accurate information, eliminating the need for manual inquiries to the HR department. This not only streamlines processes but also empowers employees to find answers to their queries independently, fostering a culture of self-service and autonomy within the organization. With the chat interface seamlessly integrated into the company's intranet, employees can easily navigate and interact with the chatbot, making it a valuable resource for HR support and guidance.

Efficiency through Automation:

The AI HR chatbot has revolutionized the way HR queries are handled at STL, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. By automating responses to standard questions, the chatbot frees up valuable time for the HR department to focus on more strategic initiatives. With 90% of HR issues now handled automatically, the department can allocate resources more effectively, tackling complex issues that require human intervention while ensuring that routine inquiries are addressed promptly. This automation not only accelerates response times but also ensures consistency and accuracy in the information provided, leading to greater employee satisfaction and engagement.

Seamless Integration for User Convenience:

The seamless integration of the chat interface into the company's intranet ensures user convenience and accessibility. Employees can access the chatbot from the familiar environment of the intranet, making it effortless to seek HR assistance whenever needed. This user-friendly interface promotes adoption and usage among employees, driving the success of the AI HR chatbot initiative. Additionally, the chatbot's ability to provide fast and accurate answers, derived from imported HR documentation, enhances the overall employee experience, fostering a positive relationship between employees and the HR department. Through this seamless integration, STL has demonstrated its commitment to leveraging technology to optimize HR operations and enhance employee satisfaction.

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