AI city planner for Amsterdam city

An AI-powered chatbot helping tourists navigate Amsterdam with personalized, data-driven recommendations.


Amsterdam & Partners


Jun 27, 2024


AI city planner


Public sector

The Brief

Experience the future of city exploration with our innovative "AI City Guide for Amsterdam." By implementing an AI-powered chatbot, we've revolutionized the way tourists navigate and experience the vibrant city of Amsterdam. This cutting-edge solution integrates seamlessly with the Amsterdam & Partners app and website, providing visitors with personalized recommendations and real-time information to make the most of their stay and visitor pass.

AI assisted tourist operations:

The introduction of the AI City Guide marks a new era in tourist services for Amsterdam, enhancing visitor experience and optimizing city exploration. By connecting to a headless CMS for up-to-date event, FAQ, and location data, the chatbot offers tourists instant access to accurate and relevant information. This not only streamlines the planning process but also empowers visitors to discover hidden gems and popular attractions with ease. The AI guide's integration into the Amsterdam & Partners digital platforms ensures that tourists can effortlessly interact with the chatbot, making it an invaluable companion throughout their Amsterdam adventure.

Smart Recommendations Through Data Integration:

The AI City Guide leverages multiple data sources to provide intelligent and context-aware suggestions. By pulling live weather information, the chatbot can recommend suitable indoor or outdoor locations based on current conditions, ensuring tourists make the most of their time regardless of the weather. Additionally, the integration of historical visitor data allows the AI to offer insights on peak times and suggest alternatives to avoid crowds, enhancing the overall tourist experience. This data-driven approach not only helps visitors plan more effectively but also contributes to better distribution of tourist traffic across the city.

Personalized Assistance for Optimal City Exploration:

The seamless integration of the AI chatbot into the Amsterdam & Partners app and website ensures accessibility and convenience for all users. Tourists can access the AI guide at any time, receiving personalized assistance for planning their itineraries, finding nearby attractions, or maximizing the value of their visitor pass. The chatbot's ability to provide quick and accurate answers, derived from real-time and historical data, significantly enhances the tourist experience. By offering tailored recommendations and up-to-date information, the AI City Guide helps visitors uncover the best of Amsterdam, from popular landmarks to off-the-beaten-path experiences. Through this innovative solution, Amsterdam & Partners demonstrates its commitment to leveraging technology to create unforgettable experiences for tourists and showcase the city's diverse offerings.

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